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Dec 09, 2005
Interactivity and Flash embedding in FlashSpring 1.2
New FlashSpring 1.2 is a significantly improved version, which supports PowerPoint hyperlinks, command buttons and external Flash clips embedding.
Sep 21, 2005
New lip synchronization solution for iLipSync.net
CPS Labs developed server-side lip synchronization component for customer in Australia. The solution can create animated Flash automatically that articulate custom speech uploaded in WAV or MP3 formats.
Sep 10, 2005
ActiveSWF 1.8
ActiveSWF 1.8 is enhanced with - arcs and rings drawing - transformation scripts for shapes and fill styles - embedded fonts optimisation - improved documentation.
Aug 05, 2005
FlashSpring for $109
Summer promotion of FlashSpring started. Now you can buy this product for only $109.
Jul 16, 2005
CPS Labs announced new FlashSpring product
CPS Labs announced FlashSpring product which converts PowerPoint presentations into Macromedia Flash format.
Jul 15, 2005
ActiveSWF 1.7 released
ActiveSWF 1.7 has been released. Media resources support is improved...
Apr 29, 2005
ActiveSWF 1.6 supports Windows 95, 98 and ME
ActiveSWF 1.6 now supports Windows 95, 98 and ME. We have also implemented SetTarget action and have done some minor updates.
Mar 01, 2005
New possibilities in ActiveSWF 1.5
New possibilities for mobile rich media applications! ActiveSWF 1.5 released supports Flash 4 content generation.
Feb 07, 2005
ActiveSWF 1.4 supports streaming audio
New ActiveSWF 1.4 enables streaming audio. It also includes a number of updates and enhanced documentation.
Dec 27, 2004
IFBSM Information System launched
The new Information System is developed for International School of Finance and Business, Moscow.
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