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About Us

CPS Labs provides IT services to businesses worldwide. We offer full range of software services and solutions tailored to the customer's needs. Our highly professional personnel, great software experience and reliable service ensure creation of products and solutions that surpass customers' expectations.

CPS Labs with the headquarter in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, was founded in 2001 by a group of software engineers. Having focused on the highest quality level of products and services, we have earned the reputation of a reliable and creative team that is always involved.

Our values

When solving the most challenging tasks we never compromise the quality of our software products and services. A high degree of credit we have earned with our customers has been our most valuable achievement. Reliable
We are aimed at finding simple solutions for complex problems implemented in the most effective way. Bringing together software theory and development practice we roll out outstanding results. Creative
Service quality implies taking close customer's tasks and professional responsibility for the project. Tight collaboration and mutual involvement often result in kind relationships and a long-term friendship. Involved

No matter what difficulties we face when developing a product, its high quality and reliability are put ahead as imperative constituents of success.
We are happy to undertake most challenging tasks that inspire us in constant learning and professional advancement. We take pleasure in high end technologies, effective, non-trivial solutions and we are happy to be engaged in the most innovative projects.
Social responsibility
We believe in social responsibility of business on a global market place. This influences the way we build our team, choose projects we undertake and build relations with our customers. Taking into consideration great impact of information technologies on the society worldwide we feel responsible for what and in which way we do.
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