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Dr. Zahed Sheikh

President, Simtegra LLC


I have been very happy with the quality of work from your company. You are very good at understanding my needs. Your goal is to make the end result a success and I know that you team works very hard to deliver what I ask for. You are very responsive...  more »

Marcus Cent

Marketing Director and Strategist, Clearfuse Ltd

Glasgow, UK

The most important thing I can say about CPS is that they have transformed the nature and direction of Clearfuse. As a development partner, the impact on our business of working with CPS has been to allow us to develop in a way that would have otherwise been impossible... more »

Giuliano P. Arrigo

President, ARDABA AG

Hunenberg, Switzerland

I worked with several IT outsourcing companies outside Switzerland. Quality and professionality we are used to were hard to find outside Switzerland. But finaly i found exactly what i was looking for at CPS Labs. Not only was CPS Labs able to reach the quality we asked for... more »

Maria T. Marchioni

IT Project Manager, Terravision srl

Rome, Italy

CPS programmers are dream makers, they make program dreams come true and their magic has no limits. They respond to project requirements immediately and follow through to successful completion...  more »

Tom Ross

Managing Director, said.net Ltd

Glasgow, UK

I have found CPS Labs to be exceptionally efficient, they have been able to understand my requirements from the briefest of explanations. They have responded with speed, understanding and try to explain their rational in terms which non technical people like our management team can understand...  more »

Alexander Yatskanich

CEO, Recmedia Sydney Pty

My work with CPS Labs was always the simplest part of our company operation. These guys always had an answer no matter how difficult the task was.  more »

Jim Phelan

VP of Development / Chief Architect, Stream 57

New-York, USA

Characterized by an unparalleled attention to detail and an ability to transform intricate requirements into flawless software in record time, CPS Labs has consistently helped us deliver projects on time and under budget. more »
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