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iBooking Portal

Is it an easy thing to create and maintain an online portal? The businesses which use iBooking Portal solution can give the affirmative reply confidently.  more »

iBooking Mail

iBooking Mail is a web-based email marketing solution for producing email newsletters for marketing, sales and promotional campaigns. more »

iBooking CRM

An online solution for managing contacts, emails, projects and documents. With iBooking CRM you can run your entire contact management system securely online. more »


e.News Depot is the online solution intended to generate email messages and newsletters and broadcast them. more »

Mikros Technologies corporate information system

The corporate Information System developed for Mikros Technologies, Inc includes CRM, Knowledge Base, Project Management, corporate mail exchange and the company's presentation web site. All subsystems are closely integrated and allow to achieve the company's objectives on a new level... more »

MP3Sonido Shell

CPS Labs developed the fine solution for music-lovers. MP3 Sonido Shell player assumes all technical issues which may interfere with a listener’s contact with music. more »

GIS for Central Data Bank for State Accreditation.

CPS Labs developed a Geographical Information System (GIS) to analyze and demonstrate visually data concerning all education institutions throughout the Russian Federation. more »


Terravision4easyJet.com is the custom Front End for iBooking Coachâ„¢ product. Thanks to this online booking sustem airport transfer becomes a three-click task.  more »


As headhunters and job hunters alike have moved to the web, demand for online recruitment services increases incredibly as well as the users requirements. Jobwindow web site is sure to meet the highest ones. more »


Now it is rather difficult for a travel agency to operate successfully without being connected to at least one of Global Distribution Systems (GDS). The hospitality related GDS solution we developed in 2004 has created a new sales channel for redbeds.co.uk. more »
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