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Now anyone can visit www.TopRankd.com to rank the works of the modern culture: books, music albums, movies, politicians, clubs, colleges etc.  more »

Cooling Zone

CoolingZone is the leading global community for people who need or provide solutions for electronics cooling problems. The site is a reach resource of up-to-date information on thermal management in the electronic industry. more »

Online Magazine

Online magazine is the semi-automatic publishing system developed for CoolingZone LLC. It mirrors the most recent news and breakthroughs in the field of electronics cooling. more »

MP3Sonido Shell

CPS Labs developed the fine solution for music-lovers. MP3 Sonido Shell player assumes all technical issues which may interfere with a listener’s contact with music. more »

REC Media Sydney

REC Media advertising agency was one of our first customers. They are the innovative company which joined the rich media boom of 2001 and invented an original solution in this field. CPS Labs have fulfilled the practical realization of their project more »
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