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Marcus Cent

Marketing Director and Strategist, Clearfuse Ltd

Glasgow, UK

The most important thing I can say about CPS is that they have transformed the nature and direction of Clearfuse. As a development partner, the impact on our business of working with CPS has been to allow us to develop in a way that would have otherwise been impossible. CPS technical capability has allowed us to create a world-class family of ASP web applications that have now been delivered to customers in the UK, throughout Europe and into Australia. We very much rely on CPS as a partner and fully intend to continue the strong working relationship we have developed.

Many competitors in our local market have been amazed at the quality of products we have been able to produce in the last 12 months. CPS are our secret weapon! One of the great strengths that CPS bring is the ability to take a product brief and turn this into a full fledged commercial product, often ahead of schedule. Attention to detail is first class, with CPS quite often over-delivering on our specification.

Offshore development has now become an accepted way of working for both IT solutions providers and their clients. CPS are one of the best finds we have ever made. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any web-based project requiring accurate and technically strong coding within a fixed timeframe and budget.

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