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Giuliano P. Arrigo

President, ARDABA AG

Hunenberg, Switzerland

We would like to know how you feel about working with us (are you satisfied with our services, how professional are we, what do you think of our quality and efficiency)?

I worked with several IT outsourcing companies outside Switzerland. Quality and professionality we are used to were hard to find outside Switzerland. But finaly i found exactly what i was looking for at CPS Labs. Not only was CPS Labs able to reach the quality we asked for, but also, and this is very important, CPS was able to keep that level of quality and professionality during all the time we are working together. This is also a reason, why we do not look for other outsourcing companies anymore. In CPS Labs, we found the partner we were looking for.

Would you say we are different from others, do we have our own unmistakable style? How do you see our role in your business ?

I'm still very impressed about the flexibility you show in adapting your company to the customer wishes. Something has to be done during weekend? No problem. Something has to be done over night? No problem. In russia today is a holiday but work is not finished? No problem, CPS will work. I realy feel secure, when i think about CPS Labs as my IT partner. I did the right choise.

Are you planing to continue working with CPS Labs, does this collaboration have good future, what is your vision for it?

As you know, we strengthened our cooperation with CPS Labs. 3 programmers of CPS Labs are working fulltime for us. If i look into future, i see a very close cooperation with our IT outsourcing partner. If i look into future, i see CPS Labs.

Say 3 words that you associate CPS Labs with.

Very high professionality, very good quality, very high flexibility

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