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REC Media Sydney

Year: 2002

REC Media was one of our first customers. They are the innovative company which joined the rich media boom of 2001 and invented an original solution in this field. CPS Labs have fulfilled the practical realization of their project.

Rich media floating ads are far more effective and informative than static ones. They move over a screen drawing people’s attention and providing wide audience coverage. The floating ad entertains and stimulates visitors’ interaction greatly. Its teaser, main movie and reminder follow one another according to the scenario set by a special script.

CPS Labs engineers developed an application which helps non-programmers to create rich media ads with the most complicated behavior. The user specifies path, location and timeline through the comprehensible interface and the system automatically generates scripts to manage ad’s motion.

Our pros also developed a solution to automate some other business processes of REC Media. It performs database support of advertising campaigns, advertising package assembly, event oriented technology to control campaigns and statistics collection.

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