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Optical Mark Recognition Tool

Year: 2006

ABETA Technology Ltd provides IT-services for lottery operators in the UK. They needed an experienced partner to develop a task-specific solution for lottery coupons processing. The main requirements to the application were high precision and speed.

For ABETA Technologies CPS Labs engineers has developed the unique OMR application. Its main objective is to identify marks’ presence in the coupon. It also prevents deterioration of speed and quality caused by incorrect positioning of coupons. In the very process of scanning OMR tool arranges a coupon image the right way according to the special align points. It extended throughput rate of data entry dramatically. Then the system analyzes which cells contain marks and identify them.

Having completed this project CPS Labs developers once again lived up to their reputation of top class pros. Their fine work encouraged ABETA Technology Ltd to continue their collaboration with CPS Labs in the field of ticket procession automation.

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