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CPS Labs provides a product line for desktop and server-side PowerPoint to Flash conversion. We have years of experience in PowerPoint to Flash conversion area. FlashSpring products implement our latest researches and achievements in PowerPoint and Flash technology.

FlashSpring Pro

FlashSpring Pro is a PowerPoint add-in for presentations conversion into compact and portable Flash format. Flash clips created by FlashSpring Pro retain styles, animations and interactivity of your PowerPoint presentations. FlashSpring allows enriching your presentations with flash movies and video clips, background music and narrations.
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FlashSpring Server

FlashSpring Server provides effective server-side PowerPoint to Flash conversion facilities for web sites and online applications. It is optimized for multitasking processing and produces fast batch conversion of thousands of PowerPoint presentations to high quality Flash clips.
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FlashSpring Custom Solutions

While FlashSpring Pro and FlashSpring Server are designed to cover general customers' needs, a lot of users would like to have extra features or additional functionality. FlashSpring Team provides developement services to create custom solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our customers. Our creative developers will implement a fully customized application based on the Flashspring Pro or FlashSpring Server core. Our project manager will be in touch with you from the conception through detailed elaboration to high quality result delivery.

If you are interested in a custom solution or need more information about the products and service, visit FlashSpring web site and feel free to mail us to .

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