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Aug 28, 2008

iSpring SDK 3.2: In a Class by Itself

We are glad to announce the release of iSpring SDK 3.2, the professional solution for automated PowerPoint to Flash conversion. The hot time of heavy testing is over, and 99.6% success rate ranks our PowerPoint to Flash SDK among the most reliable software.

Click here to download iSpring SDK 3.2 [16.4 MB]

And what about new features? Let’s take these ones to begin with:

  • PowerPoint 2007 support: iSpring SDK 3.2 converts .pptx and .ppsx files created with PowerPoint 2007 with the remarkable quality. Presentations made in the previous PowerPoint versions are processed with the same accuracy that has always been the sign of our products.

  • CodeBuilder: As always clear COM API and a lot of samples allow smooth and easy integration of PowerPoint to Flash conversion facilities into your system. With iSpring SDK you can make it almost with no programming – CodeBuilder application automatically performs the conversion with your settings specified via graphic user interface and generates C#, VB.NET and command line code ready to use in your solutions.

  • Multithreaded conversion: this option speeds up conversion process up to 10-15% and your clients will not be put in the queue - the conversion process starts as soon as the presentation is uploaded to the server.

  • Presentation Tuning: iSpring SDK offers you several new players, their stylish look and advanced features (References, Notes, Marker Tool and more) allow you to extend an original presentation with new navigation options and playback abilities. Also you can add a preloader to the presentations to let the audience know that Flash movie is being loaded.

  • Improved Documentation: The updated and enhanced documentation packed with multiple samples makes SDK integration seamless and prompt. We added new samples in C#, Visual Basic .NET, PHP, Java, C++, and VBScript.

There are plenty of other features and improvements in iSpring SDK, see the full list here.

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