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Mar 04, 2008

iSpring Pro Release

iSpring Pro 3.1 has been released.

The new rebranded version of the popular PowerPoint to Flash converter keeps all advantages of FlashSpring 3.0 and offers to the users a lot of new features.

It is still one of the fastest solutions in the industry. And iSpring high speed doesn’t affect the accuracy of conversion – the quality of Flash output is fine as always.

The another batch of features includes:

  • preloader to get know about conversion progress;
  • “Quick Publish” button for extremely easy one-click publishing;
  • interactive company logo for obvious and quick getting to your company web site;
  • “References” panel in player where you can place the related hyperlinks.

iSpring Pro 3.1 is integrated with the SlideBoom portal, the web service for sharing PowerPoint presentations. You can publish you slideshow to SlideBoom right from your PowerPoint.

Besides we have launched www.ispringsolutions.com site where you can learn much more about iSpring and its products.

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