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May 01, 2008

iSpring Pro 3.2 Release

Today iSpring Team is pleased to release iSpring Pro 3.2. The release introduces a lot of new features. The headline ones are:

Ink Annotation tools. Many users use to emphasize and mark slide elements with the marker tool in PowerPoint during their speech or lecture. There is no need to give up doing it when presentation is converted to Flash – Advanced Player and Navigation Panel+Marker offer the same PowerPoint functionality. Variety of tools and colors is great, and Eraser tool is always ready to hand if you need to clear the marks.

Advanced Player. The new stylish player will meet any requirements thanks to extremely flexible customization of its elements and color scheme. You can also easily change elements captions – e.g. if you want to translate them to your native language.

References Management. Now it possible to define the way where reference links will be opened – in the same or new window.

The processing of the presentations with large-sized embedded audio, video and Flash have been improved by adding the option to detach embedded files and convert them separately from PowerPoint presentation.

Download it here, and let us know what you think!

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