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Jan 25, 2007

FlashSpring Pro 2.0 - a break through in PowerPoint to Flash conversion

We have done our best to make the quality of PowerPoint to Flash conversion perfect.


Now you get

  • one solid compact Flash file that can be viewed online through most of Internet browsers
  • any multimedia content retained: pictures, audio, embedded Flash movies and video of all formats
  • more than 180 animation effects carefully converted to Flash
  • an attractive customizable player that makes slide navigation easier  and allows viewing the presentation while it’s still being downloaded
  • huge PowerPoint presentations with more than 500 slides easily converted to compact Flash movies


With the brand new version of FlashSpring product creating your PowerPoint presentations you can feel like an artist . Don’t worry about technical details. Thanks to FlashSpring your presentation will look just the same in the Flash format.


For more information you are welcome to the product site http://www.flashspring.com/

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